About The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop started out as "The Unoffical Day By the River Home Page" way back in 1996. Before releasing the fourth edition of the site in 1999, I decided to give it a permanent home and register a domain name. I came up with a few names that related to Day By the River and took a poll on the fan mailing list to see which one was liked the most and easiest to remember. won by a large margin and became the new home for Day By the River fans. In August of 1999 things took a turn for the worst and the band was involved in a bad car accident. Their soundman and beloved friend, Lee Laurence, was killed in the accident. Within the next month Reis, their manager, announced that the band was breaking up due to personal reasons. I decided to keep the domain name and the site up to preserve the memory of Lee and Day By the River. I stopped updating the site and used it to host a couple of other projects like The Phish CDR Covers Database. In August of 2004 I decided it was time for a final makeover and began coding a new site. I finished about 80% of the site before hurricanes and procrastination set in. A little over a year later, I decided it was time to finish it. So, here we are, at the final rendition of The Bus Stop.

The river flows on....

this line of text is just to make sure the site is stretched out to the max it can stretch. maybe i should figure out where i need to do this with my styles and fix it properly
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