Day By The River has recorded two studio albums that are available for purchase. The first album, "Shimmy" was recorded in 1993 and has a total of 12 songs. Most of the songs have been improved over the years with new and modified jams, which are also available live on many different tapes. During the summer of 1996 they went back to the studios to record a new album, "Fly." With the loss of Buck Pryor, lead guitar, in 1995, Jimmy Herring, of Aquarium Rescue Unit, filled in temporarily to keep them alive untill Jason Rabineau completed the band once again. Jimmy is featured on "Puddin'" on the CD "Fly" and Jason leads the guitar on the rest of the grooves.

In March of 1999, Day By the River took the industry by surprise by releasing their third CD in MP3 format. The CD, entitled "Watermarks," contains over four hours and twenty minutes of live tracks recorded from '95-'99 throughout the South East. The CD also contains MP3 players for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. DBR is the first band to ever release an all MP3 album.

Shimmy Album Cover           Fly Album Cover           Watermarks Album Cover
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